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StreetPhonia is a cutting-edge mobile application that provides a unique and personalized experience for exploring new places. Whether you are on the bus, streetcar, cab, on foot, or a passenger in a car, StreetPhonia will use artificial intelligence to create an audio-guided tour based on your GPS location. 

Made in Switzerland, usable anywhere :)

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Made in Switzerland, usable anywhere :)

As you move, StreetPhonia generates short audio descriptions of your surroundings and displays the text on your device's screen while it is read aloud by a natural AI voice. The tours are created using information sourced from the internet and are available in multiple languages, making StreetPhonia a truly global tool. 


With StreetPhonia, you'll have access to a new way of discovering the world and its many wonders, no matter where you go. Whether you're traveling to a new city or simply exploring your own neighborhood, StreetPhonia will provide you with insights and perspectives you've never experienced before.


You may also choose to focus on specific topics like History, Tourism, or food, which will then influence the generated guide. But be aware, as it is still a new technology and made by AI, it may produce some errors, especially in areas that aren't really famous.

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